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January 2021

Muscle pain can occur when you injure your muscles, or apply repetitive strain on them. The muscles respond by forming trigger points or knots, which can tighten the muscles, and become extremely painful. When you press on a trigger point, the muscle fibres shorten and cause what doctors call referred pain.  This means that you can have a trigger point in one muscle that makes you feel pain in another area of your body. Muscles make up approximately forty percent of your body weight, and as such they can have a big impact

People work with personal gym instructors for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to develop an individual program to: 1. Support weight loss goals 2. Enhance your current fitness level, or 3. Benefit from that extra support, accountability, and direction that a gym instructor can provide Here at Castlemaine Fitness Centre, we provide a range of fitness classes for our community. David Tobin is one of our experienced and knowledgable resident fitness instructors, and has been providing one-on-one, and group fitness programs to the Mount Alexander Shire community for over 10 years. David is focused on